Bullgrim Solo Scenario Review

Here are a few photos from when I tried the solo Bullgrim boss fight, as well as a review. This is game play content from The Edge: Dawnfall, by Awaken Realms. This was the first time trying any of these scenarios. Please note my Bullgrim is not completely put together. I have left some pieces off for painting. (But he looks amazing even right now). 

Setup: This is pretty simple, being a normal faction setup and then 11 steps that account for special things about the boss scenario. These cover creating the boss deck, restricting the normal crystal and charge tokens, and boss placement. I didn’t have any real problems here. As with everything else, the setup relies on you knowing how a normal multiplayer game is setup. My one thing I would like to see in the future, is set up rules that are comprehensive for special scenarios. Meaning, I don’t like having to flip back and forth between two sets of set up instructions. This is fine if you are intimately familiar with the game, but it just doesn’t work well for me.

Game play: Game play is, quite simply, dreamy. It is simpler to manage than solo against The Darkness faction (but also note you only have AI for one unit) but it feels just as complex and as far as the Bullgrim goes, it feels very thematic. There is a short intro provided to set up the fight and when I played the scenario, I really saw that come to life. The Bullgrim charged around the board, pushing units aside with little regard, and attacked just like you would imagine a trapped animal to do. It is pretty damn magnificent.

As with the Darkness solo, there are times when you might have to make a decision yourself (usually about a target, when certain stats or distance is the same). The rules outline guidelines well enough, but in these moments you will ultimately be deciding to make the fight easier or harder for yourself. Choose carefully, the Bullgrim is no easy target to begin with, but when your plan to damage him at all works, you will feel like a superstar. (Seriously, initial initiative 6, Defense 6, it is going to take some careful planning).

Overall: What I really like about this scenario is that is feels very much like a puzzle to solve. It does that with just a few cards and basic rules. It is impressive. You are going to have to think very carefully about what squads to take and how to build your deck. Since I was just trying this scenario out for the first time, I went with random Dvergar squads and cards, and I was absolutely destroyed because of it. It was useful for understanding the flow of battle, but it is clear you need strategy. I am excited to try the other scenarios after this one.

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