Up Close with Siegestorm

Had a bit of time to get some macro photos of Siegestorm by Awaken Realms. This Kickstarter campaign is shipping now to backers. The quality of all the components is very nice. Everything feels weighty and durable. The art is fantastic and there is soooooooooooooo much of it. There will definitely be more photos to come of Siegestorm!

You can find a Siegestorm Wiki here!


Village Attacks Intro Mission by Grimlord Games

I played this very fun game called Village Attacks by Grimlord Games recently. You play traditional monsters from folklore defending your castle against a village mob come to put you down. Very fun and easy to get lost in roles of the monsters. You can also check out their new game, The Everrain, on kickstarter now.


The Bullgrim/The Edge Dawnfall reprint

Plugging the Kickstarter reprint for my favorite game in the universe, The Edge Dawnfall!

This is one of the resin bosses, The Bullgrim shown next to some of the plastic Dvergar faction models. I did a quick review os the solo boss fight here.

You can check out the Kickstarter reprint HERE, and Awaken Realms website HERE.