A.I. Sky Replacement by Luminar

A few photos trying out the new A.I. sky replacement feature in Luminar 4 by Skylum. It worked really well. It really is a one click deal. I didn’t have to go back and adjust anything. It even has a “relight scene” option for the new sky you put in. Lots of fun ahead with this one!

First is a space sky on a diorama I made featuring Games Workshop and Reaper Bones models.


Then the same sky with The Awful Orphanage by Workhouse Games. I played around with the scene relighting in these two in order to make them look a bit different.

They Coming

Finally, I used it on this model from The Edge: Dawnfall by Awaken Realms.


It’s a fun and super easy tool to use!

The Bullgrim/The Edge Dawnfall reprint

Plugging the Kickstarter reprint for my favorite game in the universe, The Edge Dawnfall!

This is one of the resin bosses, The Bullgrim shown next to some of the plastic Dvergar faction models. I did a quick review os the solo boss fight here.

You can check out the Kickstarter reprint HERE, and Awaken Realms website HERE.